precious about copyright..?

I’m not. Copyright isn’t what this is about. To be honest, I’d love you to copy this. If you have the money and time print and distribute JUST DID IT or TRANSPLANT T-shirts responsibly, then feel free. As long as everything you do and every penny of profit you make goes back into producing more T-shirts to recognise Organ Donors and BigUP Organ Donation.

I’m doing this do raise awareness for Organ Donation, so as long as you do the same where you are, knock yourself out! I’ll even send you the artwork if you like.  😉

Oh, and if you do, just make sure you only ever show or talk about Organ Donation in a positive light. Help create a healthy conversation around organ donation and the Conversation of Consent.

All other images used by us are with the consent of the T-shirt recipient. That is, the copyright is NOT yours. If you would like to use any of the images on this site or any of our social platforms, you can do so only with written consent from BigUP Organ Donation.


Warren Deighan