BigUP Organ Donation started as a conversation between our founder (two time kidney transplant recipient) Warren Deighan - and a friend. Warren wanted to explore different ways he could say "thank you" to his donors and to recognise the selfless act of kindness all new registered organ donors make every day. “I wanted to try to make these secret heroes 'more visible' to everyone else and celebrate Organ Donation in an ACTIVE, positive light”.

So that’s what BigUP Organ Donation and our ‘JUST DID IT’ T-shirt campaign has been about..

"The visual recognition of Registered Organ Donors (so that others recognise them too) creating a positive image and healthy conversation around Organ Donation in the UK."

We've asked each new registered donor to help me create a positive image and healthy conversation around Organ Donation. We've asked that they use their t-shirt as an easy way to have an 'I JUST DID IT" conversation with the people closest to them. We've asked them all to take a picture of themselves in their t-shirt and to share it on their social media platforms. Share it with friends and family, share it with everyone. Spreading the positive message of Organ donation and stressing the importance of talking it through with the people closest to them.

We've asked them to tag us and BigUP Organ Donation at the same time. Growing the conversation and making Registered Organ Donors more visible to everyone else. Simple. To share their image with others to encourage more to do the same. We'd like to create a community of walking, talking, visible Registered Organ Donors. In turn, creating a healthy positive image around Organ Donation and the conversation of consent.


The most common question we've been asked when setting up JUST DID IT and BigUP Organ Donation is,  "Why are you bothering if there's an OPT OUT coming?" - And it's a good question.


There was a current perception in Wales (OPT OUT in place since 2016) that Organ Donation had been 'Taken care of'. Not so. Early figures suggested that there was a decline in transplants since the OPT OUT was introduced. My belief is that in Wales, the general consensus was that there was no need to 'actively' do anything now. The reality being that self-registrants are down and people have stopped talking.



Whether you've actively self-registered or you've become registered as part of a national OPT OUT system, your family will ALWAYS be asked if they agree and approve of your decision. This Conversation of Consent can often come at the most upsetting of times. You can lift the responsibility that's placed on your family by letting them know you want be an organ donor long before the time comes. Register and let them know you'd like them to honour your wishes, should they ever be asked.



The ACTIVE registration, recognition and conversation of 1000 new organ donors in the UK. The ignition of a social campaign to help create more ACTIVE conversation around organ donation and consent.

We've given 1000 t-shirts to the first 1000 that registered as organ donors through BigUp Organ Donation. Our hope is that those new donors will help by wearing and sharing the message on their JUST DID IT T-shirt. With the support of these donors we'll influence and recruit more new donors, through social media channels and live engagements. Creating and recognising, 1000 walking, talking active visual registered organ donors and in turn,  encourage positive, family conversation around consent.

1000 New Registered Organ Donors
1000 New Conversations about Consent
1000 Visual, Conversation-Starting, Organ Donors



I've recently been joined by a small team of volunteers and we've applied for charitable status with OSCR in June and are hopeful of becoming a charity by September 2019. The charity will aim to provide support, information and reassurance to patients, their family and friends and to the wider public from an as yet undetermined ‘place’, which with your help could take the form of cafe or drop-in centre. We envisage that our ‘place’ will be staffed by experienced volunteers - anyone who’s been affected by organ donation; e.g. patients, their families and living donors - we will offer in person support, information and reassurance. We will continue to host pop-up events raising awareness of our campaigns as well as working with institutional partners, such as NHS to offer support to patients and their families. Our website and our social media platforms will allow us to reach a wider audience.

Do it.

Register as an Organ Donor today and make your intentions clear to everyone.

Wear it.

Get your T’shirt and use it to start a conversation with your family and friends about consent.

Share it.

Share your image online and encourage others to register and start a conversation about consent too.